Hi, I’m Conrado, an Argentinian freelancer, currently living in Madrid.

I graduated as a designer from FADU, UBA (Buenos Aires University – Argentina), and some years after, I began to take various courses to improve myself as a web developer and be able to add my designer’s gaze to each job.

This intersection of my professions allows me to offer a particular observation of detail and an aesthetic sensitivity that complement my technical knowledges. In this way, with each web page I deliver, I am also offering a piece of design.

I particularly enjoy connecting different corners of the world through my work, as well as traveling in my free time.



Global Commerce is a buisness for growing buisnesses, based in Uruguay they help the most importants brand of latam to develope diferents sistems to improve their sales or catch new custommers.


Debora Bellota is a psychologist and influencer Argentinian who helps mums in the maternity period and also sells her courses.


Orfila is a line of wines from Argentina to sell in the USA. The objective of the web is to make contact with potentially interested wine customers, such as hotels and restaurants.

Credits: Cardinal Bauhaus


Patagonia residences is a building project in New York. The objective of the web is to sell flats.

Credits: TNP Creative and Unlimited


Fiba is a financial & international business association that offers different services for its members as conferences, courses, and certifications.

Credits: Ingage / TNP creative


Dekalpar is a leader in selling agricultural supplies in Paraguay and the south Brazil.

They represent the most important brands in the area.

Credits:  Cardinal Bauhaus


Nxtfi is a blockchain made with js. This is the first version of the hub project we are working on. The project is brand new. They need to finish external applications and some details.

Credits: Cardinal Bauhaus

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